Laos, a landlocked nation, is bordered by Thailand, Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Myanmar. Travelling in Laos is not an easy feat as the terrain is especially difficult and rough.

Laos has some 149 ethnic groups spread across 16 provinces. The median age is 19, making Laos the youngest country by age in Asia.

60% of the population in Laos is Buddhist, and with a large number of them also believing in Animism. There are only a small number of Christians and Muslims.

Laos is ruled by the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), a communist government, since 1975. Although the Church of the Holy Spirit, Vientiane (CHS) established the Anglican presence in 1961, Christian activities were suspended during the time of conflict. In 1991, this suspension was lifted and activities resumed.  However, the Anglican Church is currently not an officially recognised denomination in the country. So, many of our activities remain restricted and challenging.


ARDA focuses on building the capabilities of the locals to increase their employability and at the same time, mentor them in different areas.

Language centres continues to be the focal point of our work in different parts of Laos. We have also since, expanded our work in the following areas:
• Leadership training
• Street children
• Vocational training & discipleship

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