Children – Hope of Our Future

One of the main objectives of Timothy House is to enrich the quality of the lives of children. And we emphasize in three areas: Growth in their academic learning. We limit playtime and unnecessary activities. Cut down on the use of mobile phones for entertainment apps or games. Time is set aside for reading, doing homework. Spiritual Growth. To be able to worship, read scriptures, do personal devotion, and serve others. The children come together

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Discovery of Passion

May the grace and peace of the Lord our God be with you. My name is Ruth* and I am a member of Church of The True Light at Hanoi. I give thanks to the Lord for bringing me into this wonderful church family and for the prayers and support of these brothers and sisters. The commandment that God gave us is to make disciples of all nations. God has stirred my heart to obey

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Answering God’s calling

I received God’s calling to serve Him full time about two and a half years ago. At that time, I was just about to finish my studies and was starting to look for a job. There were many kinds of jobs that were more appealing to me than working for the church. After a few unsuccessful efforts in searching for a ministry opportunity, I began work in a commercial company. Over the next two years, the memory of my divine calling

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Lost and found

I first went to church when I was a teenager. Although I did not know much about Jesus, I felt happy when I was in God’s house, enjoying the fellowship of church members and my youth group. I followed the teachings I received from the church. Although I studied the Bible, I did not learn much from it. As the years went by, I was enjoying the Christian life. Then I experienced an incident when I was cheated by a young man in the church, which left me very disappointed. Despite

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One of the key initiatives for Project ताजा आशा  is the development of Human-Centric resilience. With the foundation in Servant Leadership, this initiative would be achieved through the training of community leaders in affected areas to establish local capacity and ownership of community disaster preparedness. Since August 2016, numerous training workshops in various regions have been held with Nepalese and Singaporean combined teams co-facilitating the training of local community leaders. Many have stated that they

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The 2015 mega-earthquakes of Nepal had devastated and destroyed many churches under the Deanery’s care, leaving many in need of rebuilding. Following numerous relief missions by ACROSS, the Deanery embarked on Project ताजा आशा to enable Fresh Hope for Anglican communities by: Strengthening resilience and hope in the Lord Enhancing physical and psychological security Increasing self-help capacity and ownership of their futures These outcomes hope to be achieved through Two Key Initiatives: Human-Centric resilience: Leadership

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