Experiencing God

I had been experiencing numbness in my hands and neck for a while. One night, the pain was so unbearable that I had to call the hospital. The advice was to take some pain killers and then go to the hospital the next morning to see a specialist. That night I fell asleep in tears. I woke up early the next day, got to the hospital, and waited at the Orthopaedics department. At 10 am, the nurse announced that

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God is real!

Ivy*, one of the cleaners in ARDA Vientiane, who is a Hmong. Most Hmongs are animists, they believe that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Before she accepted Jesus as her Saviour, she would be fearful of ghosts and even had experiences of seeing ghostly figure beside her at night. She also experienced ‘sleep paralysis’, where she was awake but unable to move a muscle. As a young Christian, she would

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Grateful for the church!

My name is Annie*, I have been living in Dhading with my daughter and two sons for the past twelve years. Six years ago, my husband brought another wife and got separated from us. I have to work and earn a daily wage of 600-700 rupees to support my children. I used to earn 600-700 rupees (5-6 USD) a day by working Labor (Jyami), sometimes by hitting ballast near the river, sometimes by carrying sand. 

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God provides!

I am Sanjeet* from Nepal. I have lost my job and have been living in someone else’s barn. I work all day for two meals a day, one in the morning and another in the evening. It has been difficult, and for the past six months, I have been bringing raw food from the forest like Gittha, Byakur, Ban Tarul, to feed my family. I found a job in a brick factory and also have been receiving relief from

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God’s provision in Crisis

My name is Prakash*, my family of four has been living in Kathmandu for the past six years, I don’t have my land or house. I started learning carpet weaving in Kathmandu when I was young, and I am still doing this job. I earn about 6-8 thousand rupees (51 – 68 USD) per month, but it is very challenging to support my family with this amount. When the COVID-19 pandemic spread to Nepal, life

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Cultivating our Inner Life

I would like to thank God for my Disciple Group (DG) which started in March 2019. We used the book “Cultivating Your Inner Life” to review our spiritual formation, which is the work of God. We learn that spiritual formation is a community process and God uses all kinds of people in our lives to shape us. In our group, we have members of different background, careers and community. This makes us unique by learning

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