Coming from a family of Buddhists, Chan Phy followed suit, he worked hard to earn merits, believing that he will have a good life in accordance to his good conduct. However, he found that he could not love others truly and had hatred, anger, vindictiveness towards people he did not like. He was a stubborn and selfish person.

Things changed when he accepted his brother’s invitation to church one day, where he heard the gospel and decided to believe in Jesus Christ. He began to find hope, love, joy and patience.

His first prayer to God was to help him pass his Grade 9 examinations, and God answered his prayer. This answered prayer helped him to trust God more and more, and he began to pray for his family’s salvation. Subsequently, his parents and older sister-in-law accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and all of them, together with Phy were baptised in 2001. Six years later, his brother and his family also accepted Jesus. Indeed, God answered Phy’s prayer for his entire household to be saved.

Reverend Chan Phy is currently serving in the church in Svay Rieng, Cambodia.

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