I first went to church when I was a teenager. Although I did not know much about Jesus, I felt happy when I was in God’s house, enjoying the fellowship of church members and my youth group. I followed the teachings I received from the church. Although I studied the Bible, I did not learn much from it.

As the years went by, I was enjoying the Christian life. Then I experienced an incident when I was cheated by a young man in the church, which left me very disappointed. Despite this, I still went to church every Sunday. But when I heard people in the church gossiped and backbite me, I felt hopeless and so disappointed that I did not want to go to church anymore.

Subsequently, I got married to a non-Christian man and gave birth to a son. For years I was living in his house amidst his family idols and ancestral worship. When my son was 2 years old, I felt an emptiness in my heart. I asked my brother, who attended CCOH, to help me with my spiritual life. He invited me to CCOH and there I found my faith in Jesus again.

After a while, my husband became very ill and he passed away after several months in the hospital. I was so depressed because it seemed that I had lost my refuge as I really depended on him. I asked God in prayer, I looked for His answer in the Bible. I tried to read and read a lot. Then I realized that God is my refuge and my foundation, not a human being. I asked God to change me and I want to know more about Him and obey Him.

I thank God for His grace and mercy that help me grow in my spiritual life. Now I ask God to open my son’s eyes to let him know more about Jesus. I want to build a Christian family. I believe that God is always there for us. He always protects and guides his children when we seek him with all our hearts.

Miss Vivian (not her real name)

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