Laos – School Teacher

Recruitment Information:

Location:Cornerstone Community School Vientiane (Small School For Children Of Expat Workers)
Duration:5 Months To A Year
Job Description:Prepare And Teach Primary And/Or Early Secondary To Small Groups (2-5 Students) Of English-Speaking Children Of Expat Staff Working In Vientiane
Professional Requirements (if applicable):Formal Educational Qualifications Preferred But Not Required, Some Experience And Demonstrated Ability To Teach Required
Language Proficiency requirements (if applicable):Fluent In English

Estimated Expenses (Self-funded):

Food: US$200 (Monthly)
Accommodation: US$200 Monthly (shared flat)
Transport: US$25 Monthly (if using a push bike for most travel)
Personal: US$25 Monthly
Not included in this breakdown are other expenses such as Airfare, Visa, Personal Insurance, Medical-related expenses.

For more information, please email

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