My name is Annie*, I have been living in Dhading with my daughter and two sons for the past twelve years. Six years ago, my husband brought another wife and got separated from us. I have to work and earn a daily wage of 600-700 rupees to support my children. I used to earn 600-700 rupees (5-6 USD) a day by working Labor (Jyami), sometimes by hitting ballast near the river, sometimes by carrying sand. 

But suddenly the coronavirus spread like a plague around the world, prompting governments across the country to declare an indefinite shutdown. All work is closed. After not being able to work, life became miserable.

After my husband left us, all the responsibility fell on my shoulders. Concerns about paying rent or raising children remained on my mind. How long will I be begging for food? I could not even borrow rice from the shop because I have not paid my due. Even though the kitchen was empty in the room for a few days, I was able to get food items to make a living. We will never forget the support and care the Anglican Church in Nepal gave us in times of sorrow and calamity. I am very thankful.

*Not her real name

You can impact and make a difference in the lives of those in different ways.
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