My name is Prakash*, my family of four has been living in Kathmandu for the past six years, I don’t have my land or house.

I started learning carpet weaving in Kathmandu when I was young, and I am still doing this job. I earn about 6-8 thousand rupees (51 – 68 USD) per month, but it is very challenging to support my family with this amount.

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread to Nepal, life became harder. Many people suffered, there was not much work available, and the pay was very low. My family did not have enough to eat. 

During this period, we found out that the Anglican Church in Nepal was providing relief. I was very happy to receive that relief because God provided. Now I have come to know and believe that God was the one who provided. My entire family has also come to believe in Christ. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the care given by the church in such a time of crisis.

*Not his real name

Food distribution to one of the communities in Nepal
Food distribution in a village in Nepal
You can impact and make a difference in the lives of those in different ways.
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