Coming from a broken family and abandoned by his mother when he was 11, Revd Daniel stumbled and fumbled through his years of youth. He had to drop out of school and without any sustainable form of income, he thought he had lost all hope. It was then that God entered his life and things began to take an upward turn. Daniel was invited to attend bible school by Pastor Anton. This meant he had to leave his job as a motorcycle cleaner and venture into full-time studies. With his motto, “If you want to achieve something, do something”, Daniel took this big step of faith and commenced his studies.

Ever since that fateful step, Daniel has seen his life restored and God transformed him into a man of faith. Since 2011, Daniel has started and continues to pastor St Peter’s Church in Bandung with the youthful congregation experiencing steady growth and a blessed ministry (BimBel) to disadvantaged youths. Remembering God’s faithfulness in his life, Daniel believes that God had restored him to help children and youth who experience hopelessness as he did before.

Reverend Daniel R Sihombing is the pastor of St Peter’s Church, Bandung.

You can impact and make a difference in the lives of those in different ways.
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