I had been experiencing numbness in my hands and neck for a while. One night, the pain was so unbearable that I had to call the hospital. The advice was to take some pain killers and then go to the hospital the next morning to see a specialist. That night I fell asleep in tears.

I woke up early the next day, got to the hospital, and waited at the Orthopaedics department. At 10 am, the nurse announced that the doctor has a meeting and those who do not have an appointment to go back home. I walked toward the nurse and asked that given my condition, should I go home or wait to see the doctor. The nurse then whispered that I can wait.

Meanwhile, a medical intern attended to me, it took him a long time to check my condition and consult with the specialist via the phone. The X-ray and MRI confirmed that I needed surgery. Firstly, minor surgery for my wrist (Coppel tunnel syndrome) and then a week later a major neck surgery due to degenerative cervical spondylosis.

It was by God’s grace and favour that I was able to get an appointment for the surgery because the intern said that the earliest slot will be 6 months later. Thank God the specialist had just returned from abroad and was available to operate on me.

It was also by God’s providence that I was able to get a special room at the government hospital, which is normally reserved for the military and not for civilians.

On the day of the operation, I was experiencing excruciating pain like never before. At that time, the first thing I saw was a picture of Jesus on the cross and in pain too. It gave me the courage to face my pain.

During the time in the hospital and recuperating at home, God showed me the pain in Thailand and who will perish without Christ. There are many problems that Thais face today that only Jesus can help. May God use my whole life to make Jesus known to my fellow countrymen.

Deaconess Anong Lekmuang,
Pastor, Christ Church Banchang

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