I would like to thank God for my Disciple Group (DG) which started in March 2019. We used the book “Cultivating Your Inner Life” to review our spiritual formation, which is the work of God. We learn that spiritual formation is a community process and God uses all kinds of people in our lives to shape us. In our group, we have members of different background, careers and community. This makes us unique by learning and encouraging each other. We also learn that if we long for intimacy with God and we need to fully surrender to God so that we can faithful to what He calls us to do for Him.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were struggling with stay-home and working-from-home. This difficult and challenging time drew us to closer to God and one another in the DG. We learn how to be patient with the situation. Devotion was very important to our discipleship and during the pandemic, we were able to have daily morning devotion, prepared by our pastors from Anglican Churches in Thailand and posted online. We praise God and thank the pastors for feeding us with God’s word, helping us overcome the difficult situation and grow spiritually each day. Praising God, confessing our sins, reading scriptures from the Psalms, old and new Testaments, and meditating God’s Word become our daily life journey. Our faith has been strengthened and we continue to grow as disciples.

Our DG tries to meet every Wednesday evening to reflect on the previous Sunday’s sermon. We must engage together with God’s word and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to encourage, share and pray for each other. We pray for God’s guidance that our DG group continue to help us grow and trust in Him. 

Mr. Henry Khu
Church committee (TMC) member – Christ Church

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