One of the main objectives of Timothy House is to enrich the quality of the lives of children. And we emphasize in three areas:

  1. Growth in their academic learning. We limit playtime and unnecessary activities. Cut down on the use of mobile phones for entertainment apps or games. Time is set aside for reading, doing homework.
  2. Spiritual Growth. To be able to worship, read scriptures, do personal devotion, and serve others. The children come together every day for devotions in the mornings and evenings.
  3. Develop life skills. The children have to wash and iron their clothes. They are rostered to do all the house chores, cooking, and various needs of the house. They are taught to be independent and be able to look after themselves.

This is our third year and we now have 11 children. Over this period, we have seen the transformation in their lives in the above three areas. Most of the older kids are now serving in the church worship teams, helping to lead the youth groups and worship in house groups. Having seen the growth of the children, I would like to thank God for this ministry.

Rev. Phuwasak Kabinsak,
Priest of Omkoi Preaching Centre

You can impact and make a difference in the lives of those in different ways.
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