I received God’s calling to serve Him full time about two and a half years ago. At that time, I was just about to finish my studies and was starting to look for a job. There were many kinds of jobs that were more appealing to me than working for the church. After a few unsuccessful efforts in searching for a ministry opportunity, I began work in a commercial company. Over the next two years, the memory of my divine calling faded.

Then, in August 2019, God’s calling came back in two different ways. Firstly, He used two mature Christians to come and talk to me. One of them was the first missionary in my church, and the other was my church pastor. They encouraged me to think and, more importantly, to pray about my true calling. However, because of my own set of goals and a good position in my company, it was not easy to decide or even to think about it.

But soon, I gave up finding the answers through my human effort and sought God’s help. Then when I was praying, He spoke directly to me. In each prayer time every day, I received His calling in several ways. One day I heard His voice saying to me, “I want to use you”, “do not be afraid, son”, etc. On another day, He encouraged me to invest my time and strength for the Kingdom of God. I realized that it was not about me anymore. It is all about His glory and His Kingdom. I wanted to be part of it, to be someone who can protect and provide for people in my church spiritually.

I started working at Church of The True Light as a full-time pastoral staff from November 2019. After serving for five months in Hanoi, I was sent to Halong City to help with the new church planting work. My current duties are to encourage my brothers and sisters to study the Bible, to live with their faith, and to get more involved in the ministry of the church. My weekly tasks include preparation for the Sunday service, leading Bible classes, running one or two group activities, interceding for others as well as visiting them.

Joseph (not his real name)

You can impact and make a difference in the lives of those in different ways.
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